Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January wRap-Up

Has this month just flown by? Like, as in, even faster than they flew in 2011? Whew! I just don't know anymore... Nevertheless, it's 1/31 and time for me to realize it, winkwink. Here are the cards I made this month that I haven't shared:

The herringbone weave card front on this card is just the first of several card fronts I've made this month using this technique -- uses up scraps and is addictive like zentangling! Look for many of my cards to feature this weave technique in 2012...

I vowed to make quicker cards and use my stash in 2012. Embracing a simpler cleaner style helps in this regard. :-) 

It also helps to either throw away the old kid-themed embellies or realize that everyone was a kid once and just use them...
I'd have to say that I've been on one extended mind-frazzle for a few weeks now, due to my online course-taking, and while I have learned to deal with it day to day, I still have not figured out how to blog it. Perhaps I should just take random photos of process and quit waiting for a finished product to blog. Wait, didn't I already talk about that in a previous post? Geez, how many times do I have to *re*alize something (is that why that prefix is in that word, as in repeat, as in Groundhog Day is Every Day?) LOL Speaking of which, that's this week...ruh-roh. Laterz!
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