Thursday, February 24, 2011

The reincarnations...

When my friend Katrina sent me a gorgeous sympathy card last May, it was immediately put on display and there it stayed for many months. Recently we had a death in our extended family, and try as I might I sat trying to create a sympathy card but all of my ideas seemed too cute or just not right. I kept looking at Katrina's card, wishing I could make that one. It was perfect to me.

So, I recycled the card front of hers onto some dark green cardstock and added my stamped sentiment on the SU label punch.

It didn't end up being quite as lovely as Katrina's original, but I do think my card respected and continued what she created. My one huge regret is that I did have a gorgeous photo of it...until recently, when I cleaned out my 2009 and 2010 rak folders (you know, the old I'll never need these photos, I have the original cards...). And then in the excitement of creating I fricking forgot to snap a photo of her card before I cut into it.

When I look at my card, though, I can totally see hers.

It's almost like its ghost walking around. Or reincarnation. Usually, recycling someone else's art gives me the willys. But sometimes some pieces are much too lovely and full of life to sit still. They need to be reincarnated to live again and make others happy. I feel like I did that with this card. I hope it continues to give comfort like it did for me.

Another reincarnation:
For many years, this wooden chopping block served the kitchen well. So when it came time to switch over to plastic and silicone, I snapped up the block to use as an eyelet mat. As you can see, it has many scars to show how well it served in that capacity.
Lately, though, the block has been my go-to place to heat-emboss. Whatever it ultimately ends up reincarnating itself as, it will definitely be a permanent and valuable fixture in my playroom.

And finally, a bit of reincarnation humor, courtesy of The Hubster. He offers these asparagus shoots as a substitute for spring flowers.

I don't really see the humor, though, They are gorgeous in my book...and hey, the asparagus plant used to be classified as a lily. :-)))