Saturday, February 19, 2011

About that Clock...

I promised you a clock the other day, so I'll share it now.

To begin with, I did think to snap a "before" photo...about 1/3 of the way through my altering. Just pretend that the original had none of the animal prints in the little squares:
So, I took out all of the little photos of scenery that it came with, cleaned each plastic cubby with a little glass cleaner, then cut little animal print squares from some nice Anna Griffin paper:
Took some double-sided tape and stuck the new squares in - easy peasy!
The Hubster and I both like it. The animal print really catches your eye without it looking cheesy, and since our family room style is modern, it fits right in.
As soon as I figure out what kind of hanger will hold both of these art pieces well, I'll be adding these to this wall above and below the clock:

The temperatures have been considerably warmer here the last week or so, but it still gets a bit chilly at night. So while I've been washing and boxing up my heavy flannel clothes and my coats, I'm still keeping a few long-sleeved shirts and sweaters out for the time being.
I layered another one of my spaghetti strap camisole tops underneath this brown plaid flannel workshirt recently. I like pink and brown together, and the camisole's spandex material felt pleasant enough while letting the flannel shirt slide against it without any static cling.

Hopefully next winter, looking at these photos of this winter's clothes will help remind me which combinations I liked wearing.

Lastly, I have a card to share that I made for another of my sister-in-laws:
Birthday sketch card #1
I used a sketch from CropStop's challenge blog, but my main challenge was to use up some of my oldest scrap supplies.
As you can see from this photo, I still have aways to go to use up just these three sheets of embellies. And I still have so many more! Ugh, I get a little disheartened when I think of it that way, so instead I like to try...try...try to image making the cards and that excites me a little better.

More on that later, next time.