Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tim Holz non-stick serrated scissors come in handy-man handy...
I wrote on my antics blog about all the little annoying crap happening to me lately, so if I seem in an unusual mood, that may explain it. Just wanted to warn ya, plus I'm not going into the details of my annoying life again here, so read up over there if interested.

More progress on the window, I am not hosting a wedding, lol...
I am liking the white ribbons as my valence more and more. I like that I am creating a functional element that also serves as storage and organization. Plus, I am re-using what I already have. That makes me happy. Aside from a few long pieces of white lace and 4 more colors of fibers, I have finished moving and organizing my ribbon and lace and bindings. It is getting there, although I now am beginning to doubt if this room will be up and running by the holidays. That's always my luck, isn't it? {Sigh}

Fiber does a body good...
 I'll be hanging my fibers this time around from a wrought iron non-lighted chandelier that will hang from the ceiling in front of the windows over my big table (that I still need to move into my playroom).  Perhaps if it is staring me in the face I'll use more of it and if not, well my view will be colorful and it's even close enough to touch and fondle. Just gazing at and touching my ribbon and lace lowers my blood pressure and heart beat. It's like my Blankie, I guess. winkwink
Don't forget the striped candy floss - yummy!
I have absolutely nothing artistically new to report... no new art created, just ribbon and lace and thread and floss rolling, wrapping, hanging, and tieing. Oh my! I can say that I've found a new source of inspiration, though, for my playroom redo: Stampington's Where Women Create magazines. They have a few of them available online as digital downloads and so far I've bought 3 issues. The latest one I bought was Autumn 2009's featuring the rooms of Mary Engelbreit and Angela Cartwright, among others.

Like, you seriously thought I was gonna pass up a chance to check out Mary's creative abode? I had a sensationally enjoyable time looking at every square inch of photos. And I enjoyed Angela's almost as much. I was struck by how normal she is. Loved it that her big dream is to re-purpose her garage into a studio from where she is right now, her grown daughter's old bedroom. I lovelovelove seeing all of the junky junk and overflowing chaos in some of these rooms. Cannot stand it when I see a sterile and neatnic room. It's so boring and totally useless to a packrat like moi.

I can always tell that I need an inspiration infusion by how much I enjoy -- or am bored by -- reading this magazine. Today, I must have needed a double dose of inspiration. I was very glad to get to recharge my redecoration batteries. Just as my biorhythm chart says that all 3 of my rhythms are on a downward trend thru Nov. 17th, I really need to muster up the energy and focus to get moved in and working on something, because not making pretty stuff is beginning to adversely affect me. Now, if everything else going on in my life will try to cooperate, I might get lucky! winkwink