Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yup, I've been a lazy girl last couple of days. Shoulda blogged sooner, oh well, I'm here now, right? My LSS cardmaking class went swimmingly and I had tons of fun, too. We are planning another class for me to teach next month. As I'd mentioned before, the LSS owns my cards and I own my class plan, so I cannot show the cards. I am working on making more, though, and will be able to share those cuz they're gonna be for my holiday card list.

Anyway, I have managed to fit in some quick projects while I was involved with my class and I sure am glad that I saved them to share since my little lazy buns haven't been so arty this week -- so far.

First, let me get these out of the way...
*Friends and Fun* Notecard
I do not know if I'll get around to sharing them all, but I've been creating quite a few of these notecards from the complete dregs of my stash...some of the most unlovable parts...and it is so cathartic for me to actually use that stuff cuz not only does it get used but I also have no guilt trashing what is worse than what I use so it is kinda like using all of it too. Make any sense? Hope so, don't know any other way to say it.

*Fashion Catalogue* Notecard
Now, having said that, my dregs stash isn't all I'm using on these cards. Mainly depends on what my eye rests on and likes. For instance, I've been having a blast making notecards out of some cool Australian postcards that a swap friend RAK'd me. For these, I've just added these to cardstock mats and bases because the images are great by themselves.

*Two Ladies* Notecard
At any rate, it helps me to build up my notecard stack and get a little of my stash bashed.

*World Travels* atc (traded)
More atc's for my yahoo group lotteries...at the time I made these, I was into French vintage so I just had fun with it. Sometimes I'll wake up with a style in my soul. Why fight it when you don't have to?

*Je T'Aime Paris* atc (Traded)
One of the elemental things about French vintage that I need to remember is to keep it linear and simple while choosing elements that scream that style. When I begin to frilly it up and crowd it, it becomes French country or Shabby chic real quick. When I do it right (like I think I did with the Je T'Aime Paris, not so much on World Travels), I love the tasteful beauty of it.

Well, all for now. More next time!
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