Monday, June 28, 2010

More cards!

In my last post, I showed the Father's Day card that I made my Dad. It had a strip of embossed green cardstock that I had distressed using the Sanded C'ordinations technique from my TJ newsletter. I had a few additional pieces of it left, so I used them on these cards:
(birthday card for one of my nieces - the green strip behind the cupcake was distressed)

(birthday card for my stamping group
The purple background of the second card was also distressed using the same technique.

For this next card, I made the background using the Background Whimsy technique from my TJ newsletter:
The technique is done on glossy paper, and it always amazes me how dye ink sticks to it like glue. The paisley stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms. Since it is one of their 6"x6" Scrapblocks, I'm usually forced to stamp "upside-down" as I do not have an acrylic block that large...or do I? I recently picked up a cool tip from The Internets to use one of my Cuttlebug acrylic plates as a stamp block, so that is what I do now, and it is a lifesaver. I also love being able to use what I already have. McGuiver would be proud!

I am currently watching and waiting to see what Tropical Storm Alex is going to do. The outside-chance projection of it going more northward (which is the oil spill recovery's worst nightmare) would also mean that Alex would be impacting us here in the Houston area. Since we would be on the storm's dirty side, it doesn't need to be a direct hit to do damage. I may be taking another impromptu trip to central Texas if it visits here. Like I said, I am watching and waiting...
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