Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

Got your jogging suits ready to wear? It's run, not walk, from now on.

Here's the last month I'm doing in this format. There are so many ways to do calendars. I've already participated in 2 groups, so I have 2 wall calendars.

Here's my GPP Street team challenge entry for November...thank goodness for me that she made it due Dec. 1st! I got to play. The challenge was to journal about Signs you get.

I had the hardest time with this one. I've never before spoken about what I wrote because I've actually always thought I might be just imagining things. But so many people have them and share it, so I've been embraced and accepting mine more lately.

It was a really pretty page before I wrote on it. Wish now I'd typed out the words and cut strips. I have a real tough time writing on Portfolios that I layer on thickly. Way too waxy. But art wise, it's a cool effect. How to decide? ;-))


ellie said...

Actually, Aimeslee, I am totally diggin' that you wrote in your own handwriting....I think it makes the page!

love the bright colors and the circles AND the journaling....I just love hand-lettering....makes it so much more the artist's art (my two cents *giggle*)

:D (glad ya got this in under the wire! lol)

michelle ward said...

Aimeslee, good going girl! Under the wire, your own words, in your own hand, all your personal thoughts about being connected. Great colors, terrific page. I believe in that telepathic thing that happens between family and friends, that intuitive thought that is reciprocated. Someone once told me "to be inspired is to be in spirit". I often take that to mean that when I'm inspired to connect with someone it's because the spirit is telling me to do it. It's all about listening. Thanks for sharing with the team!

Griselda said...

Are you kidding...this is one powerful post...I felt like...why did I not think about it?
I wake up feeling like I get short messages, if I pay attention, I know I was looking for those words.
Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are so wonderful, bealtiful....amazing.

Michelle said...

Hi Aimeslee! Wow! You have some amazing art on your blog! I am so proud to have such a talented artist in our group! Love this one, Aimeslee, so creative!

Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Aimeslee. I have added to follow i am loving your blog
hugs June xxx

jillconyers said...

The number of groups you're active with cracks me up. Love the handwriting on your GPP Street challenge. I think it works perfectly for the project.

Vickie A-Morgan said...

I love your journal page. The circles give it a "cosmic" look. I like the personal touch with your own handwriting. And another calendar idea.:D You amaze me with all that you do. I can't wait to retire and have time for the things I want to do.

iHanna said...

Aimeslee, I think your handwriting looks swell! Handwriting are so much more personal than printing from the computer, so just keep doing it!

I have a "sign" page too, I'm laaaate posting it as usual. Is it December already? ;-)

Lorri said...

Hi Aimeslee, I love your journal page and would like to see it closer. The hand lettering makes it unique to you, and your handwriting is perfect :)
I have lots of intention on completing some of my journals, they probably won't be happy reading though of late.
Just thought I would take the time to let you know I visited your blog and will now follow you too.
Take Care xo