Sunday, November 1, 2009

November's here...

Get ready for some turkey. You can have mine while you're at it. (I only really like white meat and in a sandwich.)

Can you believe we are only 55 days away from Santa? This just is not computing in my headtop (kinda like a desktop computer, but it's on my neck).

Well, anyway, here is my November calendar page spread (you can click on it to see it in more detail):

I really liked how everything came out on this one. I did some fab pencil coloring around the borders and the paper edges.

I was going to just plop all of the months of this calendar into a 12x12 album, but of course, I neglected to remember that this particular blank calendar from Karen Foster is 13x13. So a lot of that fancy coloring is gonna have to get whacked off if I albumize these pages. So that means I'm back to undecided about what I'm gonna do. I may even just glue on new date grids and use the whole thing again.

Note to file: Think Ahead and cut to the size of the album next time. *Think* was made popular by the head of IBM back 60 years ago, and I already do a lot of that. What I need is a motto that will help me do what I need to do more of, so *Think Ahead* might be a good catch-phrase for me in 2010. I always tried to follow that axiom in my work career and it served me well. I was sort of the go-to geek for that at the last firm I worked. I troubleshot a lot of ideas.

As I've aged along with my immune diseases, it's not as easy as it used to be to think ahead. Or even think, for that matter. Right now in one of my courses, there is an assignment that I just cannot figure how to do to save my life. And I'm too embarrassed to admit it to anyone, which is why I'm not supplying any details. I'm literally taking so many classes that it's not obvious which one I'm struggling in. Hehe. I'll figure it out, but it kinda worries me, because I have several examples from classmates to look at along with their explanations, and still I just stare at it like it's Japanese.

Makes me feel like I've had stroke damage or something from earlier on. I had that little episode several months ago and they told me there was no damage. Who knows. I've never had a sharp spatial brain cognition and that is what this assignment requires. I may break down and email a classmate. I have 3 or 4 I feel secure enough with to admit this.

See, now you'll have to keep up your visits here, because you know me, once I figure it out I'm sure I'll spill the whole story. Gotta love an honest fool like me. :-)
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