Thursday, October 8, 2009

A couple of cards

A couple of cards to show today...

I have 2 sets of nephews who are the same age, each from different sides of the family. The two boys turning 13 this month are the nephews for which I've made these cards.

I made this card for the nephew who is not really defined by his scholastics. He's more socially mature, which at his age means if it's not cool, he's not that into it. So I decided to go for an uncluttered look without any cuteness. The background paper (more Urban Lilly from 2005) is a textual assortment of advice or abstract things to wish for in life and he will *get* that message and like it. Here is the outside
and the inside

My other nephew is quite set in his ways already. He wouldn't value advice so much. He's much more of a bookish guy, whose favorite TV shows are NCIS and Lie to Me (perhaps forensics or psychological science is in his future?) . But he does like parties and bright colors, so this is what I put together for him (and I forgot to photog the inside of this card, it was a rub-on phrase):

Both of these are cards I'm making in my Altered Tin class, using my scraps, of course, and sketches provided in the course, which I am utilizing as great inspirational starting points. When I'm using my scraps, I rarely get to follow a sketch literally, but they definitely help me get started.
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