Thursday, October 15, 2009

A boy and his dog

Up to me ears in lessons and life right now. Wanted to leave you something, so this is a 4x6 artist post card I made for a swap a while back. It's been cooling its heels in a folder on the computer. The tree and pasture image was on a mailer from my electric company. It looks a bit bleached out and that is exactly what it looks like down here in the middle of summer. And, remind me to never buy any more Victorian scrap, okay? I could make 500 4x6's and not use all I have. Sheesh. That was stoopid of me. Anyway, I've kind of been addicted to outlining anything and everything lately (but superstitously I leave one image untouched). I also think I am finally beginning to timidly like my charcoal pencils, too. In controlled circumstances.

This background was one of my own concoctions, trying all the time to find ways to use all of my rub-ons. I covered the entire base with old rub-on alphas from KI Memories, and then I painted over them with acrylics in various colors. It uses up stash and looks interesting, adds texture.

I have this theory about why so many of us artists and craftsters seem to live in our own worlds. It's because we all have so many art supplies. It's like, if you were kidnapped and taken to a remote hotel room along with your supplies, you'd stay there voluntarily, now wouldn't you? Yes, me too. A bed and a bathroom all to myself, and a maid to boot? Okay, time to wake up....LOLOL
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