Friday, August 21, 2009

Humidor Heaven

LOL, that's where The Hubster is lately, since I finished decoupaging the top of his cigar humidor.

There was lots more I could do with it, but after thinking through all of it, I decided I'd expanded my experience and skills enough. Hubs' "are we there yet?" questions increased as he repeatedly walked by it drying from multiple sealer top coats, so I knew it looked wonderful in his eyes. I ask you, why screw that up? It is his, after all.

The remaining cigar labels still sit in neat little rows out on my creating spot as I type this, because once the humidor was done I dove right into my next series of projects. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will clean up and pick up and put up.

Yesterday and today, I multi-task-crafted. I'm taking an online class to learn the digital graphics part of Paint Shop Pro X2 (my graphics software), so I did a few lessons and mailed them off to be graded. I've also been doing my lessons from when I bought a month of Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt A Day class back in January, so I painted some backgrounds on some journal pages and some 4x6 art cards. And I watercolored some more backgrounds in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook so that I can finish my last 4 lessons in my Creative Lettering class.

I have spent the last two days rotating between those 3 main tasks and I've actually made good progress in all of them, so thank goodness for small favors (those things don't always work out productively for me, so that was sincere gratitude).

I should have some more creativity to show in a few days. I need to scan and photog what I've gotten done. That's one thing I haven't gotten done... but I will very soon.

Until next time,
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