Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing catch-up

It's July 1st and I think I need a game of blogger catch-up. As is often the case with me on my arthritis meds, I'm a linear gal. Multi-tasking is no longer one of my strengths like it used to be. I have been immersed in creating stuff for the last several weeks and I've neglected uploading and sharing. Let's see if I can make a dent in that inventory today.

Here are some artist trading cards I've done recently:

Here are a few greeting cards I have recently done:

I also did my first set of 2x2's (I think they are called twinchies):

That's more than I've ever shown in one post! Overload! lolol I didn't want to forget anything, though. I will save the art journal work I've done...

Until next time,

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