Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just a little something I made last week for the monthly lottery at Paper Traders yahoo group. The theme is open and I was still in my Asian mood.

This week I'm up to my neck in making vintage tags for a swap at Gluebots yahoo group. They are coming along about as slowly as turtles on a racetrack. And I'm already late getting them in the mail. So tomorrow I'm going to contact the swap hostess and find out if she still wants them.

I can't complain much about my creative energy because it's been hanging in there, but the old muse does sputter a lot. The flow is not consistent. I've decided not to load up on swaps for a while, except for a couple of post card swaps of single cards, in an effort to ease up on the deadlines. Lately, I've been getting frustrated easily when the ideas (and output) doesn't flow on time.

I mean, what is this, a job? Okay then, where's my paycheck? LOLOL

Hopefully, I can get it all sorted out before too long....

Until next time,

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