Sunday, April 5, 2009

sunday post

I still have one more opening for my Art Share Blog Candy project, if you are interested in joining us...

I used some bird and nesting Victorian scrap images in this collaged ATC. Lots of cutwork, which I find soothing as long as my hands or fingers don't cramp. The trick on this one, which doesn't show up in the scan, is the pink border. It's glitter. I took a xyroned card base, adhesive side up, and stuck a smaller piece of security envelope on it that I had inked and then cut out using deco scissors. I then spooned on very fine pink glitter all around the border of the base that was left exposed, delicately smooshing in the glitter as I went along. Then, I made the collage. The glitter gives the card a more vintage-y feel and is quite lovely. The hardest part for me, as usual, was getting that envie paper centered just right and thankfully I did well enough here. This went to a swap sister on one of my yahoo groups and I hope she likes it. :-)

Just on a whim I created a set on my Flickr for art available for trade and I'm overwhelmed at the interest! I need to replenish as I only have one card left in there. (I've linked you to the main site, as my set is about empty right now.)

From what I've been noticing, Flickr and Swapbot are the happenin' places to trade and swap nowadays. I've never yet ventured away from yahoo groups for that, because there is a certain amount of safety built into the groups for not getting ripped off, at least on the swaps. A central hostess collects everyone's cards and then distributes them. Yes, there have been a few hostess rip-offs in the 3 years I've hung there, but that's a tiny percentage compared to the total number of swaps that go off without a hitch.

I don't know if Swapbot has any safety built in like that, but I do know that Flickr trading carries the risk. I had to just decide to take the leap and learn from getting burned if that happens. I can see how long someone has been on there and actually how well their trades have gone sometimes, by the comments. I do plan to check Swapbot out, maybe over the summer as swaps usually cool down a bit then.

I jokingly told the Hubster that I didn't know if my blog sidebar could take anymore online affiliations, though. winkwink I do have a rather impressive links collection. Every blog I've ever had has had one, except for my antics and rantics blog, which I keep sidebar-frugal on purpose. (Well, frugal for me, anyway.)

Any way, I sent off my first batch of cards this past week (and one more tomorrow) to many different places. Hopefully, I will be bowled over by how well everyone plays by the rules and I will have found a great way to share the art!

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