Sunday, March 1, 2009

march on!

Wow, what a fast month February was!

This weekend, I have celebrated turning 53. Because I am a Leap Year baby, I didn't really have an official day, more like 1 second at midnite between 2/28 and 3/1, winkwink. So, I did the smart thing. I took the entire weekend. I blogged about it over at my Antics and Rantics blog, if you wanna know the 411 on my Un-birthday.

I'm reading to dive into March, but first I need to finish up with February. I visited quite a few blogs last month and ended up also entering One World, One Heart, an international giveaway of gratitude, at many of them. Lo and Behold, I was blessed!

I won one of the grand prize giveaway at the blog of my Australian yahoo group buddy Brenda. She had made the cutest little Spool Sitters Christmas decorations. Such detailed work! Their faces are so precious.

I was doing my happy dance until I realized that it was coming from... Australia. I don't have the best luck with international shipping, plus it literally sends me into tummy aches to think of anyone paying to send it to me all the way from down under.

I still feel really guilty about having won dear Shirley's giveaway last year, so the idea came to me to ask Brenda if she would mind sending the shelf sitters to Shirley instead, since Shirley's down under, too. Her boys are still young and might enjoy them. I like when kiddos enjoy old-fashioned things. And, I admit to also wanting to give Shirley a smile or two what with all the trauma she's been dealing with because of the fires that got much too close to her home at one point.

Dear Brenda was happy with it, and Shirley got them last week. Here they are, as snapped by Shirley, in their new home:

Everyone and thing is safe and happy. I love it, cuz it's a great way to really say One World, One Heart all the way around, isn't it? winkwink

At Nancy's blog, even though I wasn't a grand-prize winner, I was a winner as she graciously and generously mailed goodies to all those who entered! And look what I got:

I wonder if Nancy realizes she just gained a reader for Life? What a kind and giving soul she is! Thanks again, Nancy. xoxo


I'm working on my March calendar page right now and hopefully on April 1st I can show April's (No Foolin'). Then I'll be caught up {gasp}! I need to show you February's first, though. Remember, my objective with this calendar decorating is treating it as a Supply Dump, so the pages are of an eclectic floating collage style.

I got to use up lots of my itty bitty ladies transparency collage sheet images along the border edges.
As well, lots of heart candy and postage stamp stickers found themselves spots on the page.
A little gel-penning for doodles and outlining...
A lot of sweet vintage details on this month's calendar.


This Aristede Maillol print of his painting, Woman with a Parasol, hangs in my home and never fails to relax me whenever I rest my eyes on it. When I saw that my blogging friend Elizabeth was doing a Pink theme for February, I was inspired to suggest my print. Thanks, Elizabeth, for letting me play with you. Being Pink was fun!

My journaling sister Emily is having the coolest challenge. Go join the fun!
My Gluebooks yahoo group owner Lisa Volrath is hosting more of her famous free image giveaways. On her studio blog, she's having another installment of her Original Printables Holiday Countdown that begins today and ends on St. Patty's Day. Additionally, she's having a Daily Eye Candy Giveaway. Pretty images and goodies for the price of a linked shoutout and leaving some comments.

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