Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome to my art adventures!

Okay, so, I hadn't started another blog yet this year and Life was gettin' boring. {Snort} I'm aware of my past, go ahead and giggle at me. I deserve it. Nevertheless, here we are with an additional blog again. :-) Okay, so this blog is strictly art, bebe: my art, art-ish thoughts, ideas, essays, others' art, art-ish things. If you want to see what I'm art-ishly up to only, this be the place. If you don't want to hear about my politics or family or life, this is the blog you want. If you want it all, the antics blog is still open for beezwax. So, I've been creating all summer, one way or another, and most of it has not been shown due to me hardly posting on my antics blog. What I'm hoping to do is catch up and show that stuff, eventually. First things first, though. I wanted to show you the latest swap cards I received before I put them away. The theme for this swap was "Proud to be an American" and it was 7/6 (mailed off 7 cards and received 6 back, hostess gets the extra). I decided to do Olympics commemorative cards, using promotional materials we received (that would be targeted junk mail, I suppose) when we donated to the USOC. Here is the link to a slideshow of the 7 cards I created: Olympics ATC slide show Now, here is the link to a slideshow of the 6 lovely cards I received back (the first names of the artists who made them are in each image's caption, and I thank each one of you): Proud to be an American Swap ATC's I Received I should add that this swap was in my [artisttradingcards] yahoo group, which, lo and behold, got a very special new member this week and this was quite a nice surprise for me: Shirley Fyfe joined our group! Aren't these vintage tags pretty? I did a blind ATC trade with Cassandra in the artisttradingcards yahoo group, but she'd run out of ATC's and asked if I'd take tags. I said yes!, really more interested in those than in ATC's, to be honest. I had traded her 2 cards that were in my existing trade inventory. Well, as usual, I have more, but it's time to get back to a project I'm immersed in. I'll take some photos of the work in progress to show and tell next time.
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