Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Haiku Humpday!

I have been following my friend Teri's weekly homage to poetry, Poetry Party Wednesday. At first, I was {{{{YAWN}}}}. But, for her, I tried liking it. And now, I've gradually warmed up to it.

I'm still a schmuck for the rhyming line over the non-rhyming one. But, I decided to have some fun this week and try my hand at writing a haiku to put on a postcard I wanted to make using a cool collage sheet image from Terri Kahrs and Crowabout.
Poem and collage by Aimeslee Winans; bird image by Terri Kahrs and Crowabout
"Death by DoDo" ~ poem and collage by Aimeslee Winans; bird image courtesty of Terri Kahrs and Crowabout.
*Entered in Sunday Postcard Art - Green challenge*
As you may know, a haiku ideally should be a 3-line poem with the following criteria: a 5-syllable first line, a 7-syllable second line and a 5-syllable third line. Other than that, anything goes. I love the image of this dodo bird and researched a little about them online. That is when the haiku came to me, as well as the little scenario background for my art piece.

For the background, I used a family text scrapbook paper scrap glued on a piece of thin used packaging cardboard, scribbled on some Inktense color in blues and greens and purples, set it with a baby wipe, stamped some tropical shapes with Ancient Page dye ink, distressed the edges, stamped a compass "sun", added more Inktense in yellows and oranges, set that, added some watered-down white acrylic here and there, then ran a black Triart marker all around the outside edge.

And, of course, I had to create my own title, so Haiku Humpday it is! Don't know if I'll do this every Wednesday, but I'm feeling good about doing just that! Now, what to do next time??? Would you like to join me????


Lilian said...

Very nice piece!
Also I really liked your Art Affirmations for 2012! I kind of promissed someyhing like that to myself too!
Nice to find your blog!

teri said...

Girl, you are rocking it! You captured the essence of this creature perfectly in those three lines. And your artwork is incredible. Yep. You need to keep this up!

Gwen said...

A wonderful piece of work and thanks for explaining what a haiku is......I had no idea:)

Gwen said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Since you were here, (I am close to London), our weather has become very hot. Last summer nearly killed me. I like a cool, I am thinking of emigrating to one of the poles.
But, I am just good at moaning and grumbling....some people are never satisfied :)
Take care and see you soon!

Fran T said...

I Love this bird and your haiku too! Thanks for give the specs on the poem. I always forget that. BTW I love how you changed you blog's colors. the banner looks great. Take care Fran T /WeThree3

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Aimeslee, I LOVE THIS!! And I love haiku, not good at it but love it! I would be happy to join you on Haiku Hump day!!